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This community is for fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel.

Maintainer: spot


1. Try to spell words correctly. The maintainer may mock you openly if you fail at spelling.

2. Share Buffy/Angel news! Anything about anyone that has ever been on the show is more than welcome. Just be careful with spoilers.

3. This community is for the discussion of the Buffyverse. Please do not post here to advertise your community or website if it has nothing to do with Buffy, Angel, Joss, etc, etc.

4. Remember that the maintainer does not have eyes in the back of his head. Inevitably, things will slip by me. If you think something needs to be brought to my attention, email me.

5. If, for whatever reason, you think Buffy/Angel sucks, (not just a specific episode), save it. This is a FAN community. Go start "buffysucks". We don't really want to hear it.

5. Attempting to get the password for this community will merely waste your time, and email it to me. Don't bother.

6. The maintainer is right. Except when he is wrong.

buffyfan has a sister! Well, we might have had her all along, we're not sure about that, but we definitely have one now!

Go ahead and check out btvsfans which is a community focused on Buffy & Angel related contests and themes, where buffyfan is more general conversations and informational news. They're good people, you'll like them!

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Want to be added to that list? Just send me an IM or an email.

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